About us

Redspect international group of companies specialise in providing cost effective hands on support to organizations looking to achieve maximum efficiencies and best value from all of their commercial activities.

We believe that by being proactive in procurement operations, increased efficiencies and therefore increased profitability can be achieved by all.

We have provided details on the pages of our website for a number of areas where we are currently being proactive.
Our major aim is to match demand with supply requirement.

Redspect International acts as a “centre of excellence” to bring expertise and best practice in the field of Procurement .

The redspect international Team aims to ensure global compliance with all necessary legislative and legal representation.

Redspect news

Redspect international group of companies and core international procurement have over 30 years of experience in international procurement business and also has established branches at Middle East, Africa(North and South Africa) and Europe. Our head office is located in United Kingdom.